How Fuller House ended up in Netflix

How Fuller House ended up in Netflix

Even though Full House was a huge hit during its original run, when the series creator Jeff Franklin pitched the idea of a spinoff to traditional outlets, they all shut their doors. All but one.

Netflix was the only major network that took up the challenge of bring Fuller House back to the small screen.

"We had actually originally pitched the show to more traditional outlets," said the series creator Jeff Franklin. "We went to ABC, we went to Nick at Nite, to the home of Full House both originally and now and figured that was probably a great fit for the show because it had such success for both ABC and Nick at Nite. We also went to TBS where it was airing and we went to some other places. We actually hadn't thought about the streaming services. All of those places passed on the show and then one of the executives from Nickelodeon - his name is Brian Wright - moved over to Netflix and they actually called us and said, ‘We'd like to hear the pitch.' It was really Netflix that took the lead, not me."

After Jeff Franklin's exhausting process of pitching to so many different places, luckily Brian Wright helped him out and then Netflix took over and made him a deal he couldn't refuse:

"Well you know the simpler answer is they bought the show. That's really the simple answer. They stepped up and wanted the show and offered us a really nice deal to start off with," Jeff Franklin said.

The show produced 13 episodes during its first season. A short time after that first season was available for streaming, Netflix made the decision to renew the series for season 2.

External companies that aim at tracking the show's ratings have listed Fuller House as one of Netflix's largest successes and potentially even its most popular show at the time of its release earlier this year. Several households streamed the series right after season 2 hit the airwaves on December 9, 2016.

The streaming network giant has recently renewed the series for a third season which will be much longer than the past two have been. The third installment will consist of 18 episodes, an initiative that will surely make fans happy.

The news came at a time when everybody was eagerly expecting for it:

"I hope all your readers tune in sooner rather than later, because we are really anxious to get going again," said the series creator.

What you can expect on season 3 are more catchphrases the likes of uncle Joey's "Cut. It. Out.", DJ's "Oh my lanta!", Stephanie's "How rude!", uncle Jesse's "Have mercy!" and so on.

Fans also hope they will get to see the Olsen Twins on this new season. It's a long shot as the twins skipped the first two seasons, but with the spinoff's success, perhaps Michelle will show up in Season 3.

And will happen with Stephanie? As a singer, is she going to be make it as big as Jesse and the Rippers did?

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