Corporate Sustainability in America

Sempra (NYSE: SRE) (BMV: SRE) just released its 2022 Corporate Sustainability Report highlighting its commitment to sustainable business practices designed to drive growth and advance the company's mission to be North America's premier energy infrastructure company.

"Sustainable business practices have been championed by our employees since our company's founding 25 years ago, creating a long-lasting positive impact for all we are privileged to serve," said Jeffrey W. Martin, chairman and chief executive officer of Sempra. "Our strong corporate governance and management practices emphasize sustainability as an essential component of our business that not only mitigates risk but also contributes to new business opportunities that align with our values. I could not be more pleased by our collective progress."

The 2022 report emphasizes Sempra's deep-rooted commitment to sustainability and its integral role in shaping the company's corporate strategy, capital allocation and operational performance, with a view toward delivering measurable benefits for its stakeholders. The company believes this sustainability-centered approach has led to better, more predictable financial outcomes, demonstrating tangible value creation for its shareholders and other stakeholders. View the full report at:

"Sempra is focused on our unwavering commitment to safety and innovative solutions to improve resiliency in communities we serve, while also strengthening energy security domestically and globally," said Lisa Larroque Alexander, senior vice president of corporate affairs and chief sustainability officer at Sempra. "Over the next five years, our capital campaign represents a road map of our plans to invest $40 billion in critical infrastructure to build next-generation energy networks aimed at delivering cleaner sources of energy. These investments will help advance the lower-carbon future for which we all aspire."

The report summarizes progress made throughout 2022 in pursuit of Sempra's business strategy to decarbonize its own operations while advancing a cleaner energy transition for consumers and the communities it serves. Of note, the 2022 report outlines important updates on Sempra's environmental, social and governance priorities including the company's advancements toward:

- Strengthening operational safety resulting in an 18% decrease in lost work-time incidents compared to 2021.

- Enhancing critical infrastructure to bring cleaner energy sources on to the grid and help increase safety and reliability through new investments.

- Empowering communities with $40 million in charitable contributions from the Sempra family of companies and the Sempra Foundation.

- Fostering a high-performing work culture driven by diversity, inclusion and shared values. In 2022, women presented 34% of our leadership and people of color made up 59% of the Sempra family of companies' U.S. workforce.

In addition to providing a holistic view of progress across its four sustainability pillars—enabling the energy transition, driving resilient operations, achieving world-class safety and championing people—the 2022 report features individual updates from the company's three growth platforms: Sempra California, Sempra Texas and Sempra Infrastructure. Each update of Sempra's three business platforms provides important insights into the enterprise-wide focus on sustainable growth underpinned by investments in cleaner energy solutions in some of North America's leading markets.

Sempra is a leading North American energy infrastructure company that helps meet the daily energy needs of nearly 40 million consumers. As the owner of one of the largest energy networks on the continent, Sempra is helping to electrify and decarbonize some of the world's most significant economic markets, including California, Texas, Mexico and the LNG export market. The company is also consistently recognized as a leader in sustainable business practices and for its long-standing commitment to building a high-performance culture focused on safety and operational excellence, leadership and workforce development and diversity and inclusion. Investor's Business Daily named Sempra the top-ranked utility in the U.S. for environmental, social and governance scores and financial performance. Sempra was also included on the Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index for the 12th consecutive year. More information about Sempra is available at and on Twitter @Sempra.